Taurus 44 magnum 2.5 inch barrel

Apr 15, 2015 · Smith & Wesson did exactly that when it introduced the Model 69 Combat Magnum on the medium-size L-frame, which until now has been the domain of the .357 Mag. and lesser cartridges. The Model 69 is a double-action revolver with a 4.25-inch barrel, weighing in at 37.2 ounces. Compare that with a 4-inch Model 629 N-frame gun that weighs 41.5 ounces. Taurus 2.5 Inch Taurus 3 Inch ... Charter Arms Mag Pug 357 MAG/38 SP Leather IWB 3 Holster ... View. Pusat. Charter Arms Bulldog 44 SP Leather OWB 2.5 Holster ...

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Price VG Taurus: Model 17MB2.17HMR: 2004-Revolver, 1.75 in. Barrel, Blued Finish $225: $400: Taurus: Model 17SS2.17HMR: 2004-Revolver, 1.75 in. Barrel, Stainless Finish

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I want a 5.5 to 7.5 inch revolver in either 44 or 454. I know the 454 can launch a 300 grain JHP at 1625 fps in a 7.5 inch barrel, but Buffalo Bore company states their +p+ 44 is sending a 340 grain out of a 7.5 inch Redhawk at 1478 and 1401 from a 5.5 inch Redhawk. I realize I could enjoy shooting 44 specials in the 44 mag and 45 LC in the Casull. Oct 21, 2019 · Taurus’ first attempt at a hunting revolver was the 1997 Raging Bull, advertised as a .44 Magnum alternative for hunters looking to try something different from the typical hunting rifle or shotgun.

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